2018 Forage Legumes Publication

Forage Legumes cover.Forage Legumes: Clovers, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Cicer Milkvetch, Crownvetch and Alfalfa is designed to serve as both an educational resource for students and a reference tool for agricultural professionals. This third edition, published in 2018, is available completely online and features new data in addition to preserving information from previous editions.

Minnesota Impacts Video: Bee Research

In this impact video, entomologist Marla Spivak discusses how U of M researchers are currently working to address the changing needs of bees in Minnesota and beyond.

MN Impact: U of M Bee Research

Researcher Spotlight

Joanne Slavin.

Since 1981, Professor Joanne Slavin in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition has conducted MAES supported research focused on nutrition, especially as it relates to carbohydrates. Current work includes feeding studies on fiber, sugars, whole grains, vegetables and fruits.