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Trade, Environment and Agricultural Policy in Uncertain Times

Principal Investigator

C. Ford Runge

Department and College

Department of Applied Economics in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

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Project Start and End Date

October 1, 2017-September 30, 2020

Project Summary

For 35 years, my research has focused on three international areas: trade, environment, and agriculture in a global context. Today, political and technological shifts have placed each in a remarkably changed context. Trade policy--dominated since World War II by a neo-liberal consensus--has been breaking down since the conclusion of the Uruguay Round in the early 1990s. Environmental policy, dominated since the 1980s by growing concerns over climate, air, and water, has been challenged by those who deny or disparage such problems as overstated. Agriculture, once considered the foundation of economic development in developing countries, is increasingly marginalized in policy discussions. In the face of these challenges to the neoliberal consensus over trade, environment, and agriculture, new efforts are needed to analyze how our past experience and anticipation of future developments should inform our current choices. This problem has a theoretical basis: the problem of analyzing choice over time.