Rapid Agricultural Response Fund 2022-2023 Projects


Erin Cortus

Greenhouse gas sampling approaches for Minnesota livestock farms
Brian Crooker Reducing mastisis in the dairy cow by increasing the prevalence of beneficial polymorphisms in genes associated with mastisis resistance - RENEWAL

Fabian Fernandez

Controlled-release nitrogen and split applications to enhance corn production and environmental protection

Kahina Ghanem

Prolonging fertility in turkey breeders as a sustainable model for poultry production: The role of the Immune System
Improved prediction of the atmospheric transport and fate of Dicamba - RENEWAL
Anup Kollanor Johny Autochthonous bacteriophages for preharvest safety of turkeys: Integrating Salmonella’s phage immune determinants (SaPhIDs) to phage therapy design
Robert Koch Evaluating biological control for soybean gall midge, a new pest of soybean in Minnesota
Peter Larsen and Davis Seelig Developing best practices for the detection and decontamination of Chronic Wasting Disease prions associated with venison processing
Debalin Sarangi Managing herbicide-resistant weeds using cover crops

Brian Steffenson

Genetics and breeding of bacterial leaf streak resistance in barley - RENEWAL