Rapid Agricultural Response Fund 2020-2021 Projects


Matthew Clark

Determining Distribution, Impact, and Management Options for Grapevine Trunk Disease in Minnesota Vineyards
Brian Crooker Reducing Mastitis in the Dairy Cow by Increasing the Prevalence of Beneficial Polymorphisms in Genes Associated with Mastitis Resistance
Sagar Goyal Development of Diagnostic Strategies for Porcine Circovirus Type 3 Infections
George Heimpel How Parasitoid Mortality Limits Biological Control of Soybean Aphid
William Hutchison Rapid Response to Japanese Beetle as a New Pest of Wine Grapes & Raspberry
Anup Kollanor Johny Not All Salmonella Are Created Equal: A Comprehensive Study to Determine the Efficacy of Alternative Interventions to Control Emerging Salmonella Serovars of Food Safety Importance in Turkey Production and Processing
Jennifer Kimball Innovations in Controlling Riceworm in Cultivated Wild Rice
Robert Koch Insecticide Resistance Management for Soybean Aphid:  Understanding Biological Mechanisms and Grower Practices
Peter Larsen Rapid Next-Generation Diagnostics for Chronic Wasting Disease

Hihn Ly

Development of a Novel Vaccine to Protect Turkeys from Hemorrhagic Enteritis Virus Infection 
Krishona Martinson Equine Carcass Composting: Demonstration Leads to Industry Adoption

Sunil Mor and Robert Porter 

Re-Emerging Turkey Arthritis Reovirus in Minnesota Turkeys: Comparative Pathogenesis and Development of Control Strategies - Renewal
Abby Neu NPIP Biosecurity Audits: Comprehensive Success in Minnesota by 2020 and Beyond
Lindsay Pease Providing Critical Support to Minnesota Farmers for Phosphorus Risk Assessment
Maria Pieters A Comprehensive Approach to Elucidate the Detection of Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae in Processing Fluids and its Potential for Disease Monitoring and Surveillance
Maria Pieters Increasing Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae Eradication Success by Investigating Antimicrobial Susceptibility
Brian Steffenson Genetics and Breeding of Bacterial Leaf Streak Resistance in Barley
Fabio Vannucci Evaluation of biosecurity procedures to prevent indirect transmission of Senecavirus A
Sinisa Vidovic Characterization of Novel Bacterial Outer Membrane Proteins as Vaccine Targets to Reduce or Eliminate Salmonella Colonization in Turkeys