Rapid Agricultural Response Fund 2018-2019 Projects

Julio Alvarez and Andres Perez Characterization of emergent antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella strains residing at the animal-human interface to guide evidence-based antimicrobial stewardship in veterinary medicine

Rafael Bisinotto and Gerald Cramer

The relationship between early lactation hoof lesions and behavior, inflammatory mediators, and reproductive performance in dairy cows
Robert Craven Financial counseling to help financially stressed producers explore options to survive
William Hutchison Spotted Wing Drosophila risk and management solutions for the wine grape industry
Timothy Johnson MnPoPPA: Informing strategies for autogenous vaccine development in poultry
Lee Johnson Development of low-carbon footprint energy systems for swine production facilities
Anup Johny Investigating the efficacy of multiple antimicrobial interventions against Salmonella Heidelberg colonization in turkeys - Renewal
Hinh Ly Development of a novel vaccine to protect turkeys from Hemorrhagic enteritis virus infection 
Sunil Kumar Mor

Re-emerging turkey arthritis reovirus in Minnesota turkeys: development of novel diagnostic assays and control strategies

Christopher Philips and Robert Koch Evaluating infestation and potential natural enemies of brown marmorated stink bug in Minnesota apple orchards
Roger Ruan Atmospheric pressure Non-thermal plasma for sanitizing animal production facility air
Matthew Russell Minnesota's rural forests and the expanding emerald ash borer: Landscape risks and forest management response
Kevin Smith

Stems of Steel: a structural engineering approach to improve lodging resistance in cereals

Montserrat Torremorell A comprehensive surveillance system to control influenza virus in pigs