Rapid Agricultural Response Fund 2012-2013 Projects

Project Leader Project Title
Ricardo Chebel Effects of Stocking Density and Grouping Strategies of Prepartum Dairy Cows on Wellbeing, Behavior, Innate and Humoral Immunity, and Productive and Economic Performance
Ruth Dill-Macky  Bacterial Leaf Streak of Wheat and Barley
George Heimpel Successful Biological Control of Soybean Aphid: The Link to Buckthorn
Bo Hu Microbial Analysis of Foaming Swine Manure to Improve Deep-Pitted Swine Barn Safety
Pam Ismail Patulin Control and Detection in Apple Juice and Cider
Michael Murtaugh Threat Assessment of PRRSV Isolates in High Season PRRS
Kakambi Nagaraja Cellulitis in Turkeys: Pathogenesis and Control
Ken Ostlie Corn Rootworms: Exploring Potential Resistance to Transgenic Corn
Raymie Porter Wildrice Breeding Resources Advancement, Preservation, and Genetic Distinctiveness
Robert Porter and Sagar Goyal Novel Turkey Reovirus in Minnesota: Virus Characterization and Determination of its Role in Turkey Lameness
Albert Rovira Investigation of a Possibly Emerging Disease Referred to as Peri-Weaning Failure to Thrive Syndrome in Minnesota Swine Herds
Stephanie Valberg Seasonal Pasture Myopathy: An Emerging Disease in Minnesota