Rapid Agricultural Response Fund 2008-2009 Projects

Project Leader Project Title

Christian Thill

Early Generation Selecting Strategies to Reduce Potato Virus Y (PVY) Incidence Earlier in Breeding

Dean Malvick

Assessment and Management of Sudden Death Syndrome of Soybeans, an Emerging Disease in Minnesota
Simone Oliveira

Surveillance of Highly Virulent Haemophilus parasuis Strains affecting North American Swine Herds using Multi Locus Sequence Typing (MLST)

Stan Hokanson Diversifying Minnesota’s Biofuel Feedstocks: An Evaluation of Nitrogen-fixing Woody Plant Germplasm
Bill Hutchinson Reducing the Risk of Corn Rootworm Damage to Sweet Corn: Exploiting Planting Date and New Monitoring Tools
Sagar Goyal Etiology and Pathogenesis of the New "Poult Enteritis Syndrome"

Marcia Endres

Evaluating Animal Performance and Welfare in Two New Dairy Housing Options in the Upper Midwest

Scott Dee

Investigating Complex Swine Diseases Using a Model of a Swine Production Region
Eric Watkins Reducing Economic Loss Caused by Stem and Crown Rust in Perennial Ryegrass
Marla Spivak Maintaining the Vitality of Bee Pollinators and the Honey Producing Industry in Minnesota (Renewal)
Sally Noll Utilization of Byproducts from the Biofuels Industry as Feed Ingredients for Commercial Turkey Production
Andrew David Conservation of Minnesota’s Ash Genetic Resources in Response to Emerald Ash Borer
Jeffrey A. Davis Using Marker Assisted Selection to Accelerate Development of Potato Cultivators That Pyramid Novel Sourses of Aphid, Virus and Late Blight Resistence
David Ragsdale Incorporating Natural Enemies into the Economic Thresholds for Soybean Aphid
Ken Ostlie Corn Rootworms: Adaptation, Risk & Transgenic Corn
Kakambi Nagaraja Cellulitis in Turkeys: Pathogenesis and its Control using an Inactivated Vaccine
Larry Jacobson Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Measurements to Existing Dairy and Turkey Barn Gas Monitoring Projects
Scott Wells Reducing Interactions between Cattle and White-tailed Deer in Northern Minnesota
Brian Buhr Special RARF 2008-2009 Bovine TB Funding: Economic Impact of Bovine Tuberculosis on the Minnesota Cattle Industry

Alfredo DeCostanzo

Special RARF 2008-2009 Bovine TB Funding: Assessment of the Value of Spayed Heifers for Marketing

Alfredo DiCostanzo Special RARF 2008-2009 Bovine TB Funding: Managing Feed Intake in Beef Cattle Herds to Reduce TB Transmission Risk
Timothy Goldsmith Special RARF 2008-2009 Bovine TB Funding: Assessment of Bovine TB Diagnostic Testing Strategies
Ryon Walker Special RARF 2008-2009 Bovine TB Funding: Education and Extension Activities Related to the Bovine TB Initiative
Scott Wells Special RARF 2008-2009 Bovine TB Funding: Qualitative Risk Assessment of Bovine TB in Northern Minnesota
Scott Wells Special RARF 2008-2009 Bovine TB Funding: Use of Electrified Fencing to Mitigate Cattle-Deer Interactions on Minnesota Cattle Farms
James A. Anderson Breeding Wheat Varieties Resistant to the Ug99 Race of Stem rust
Kevin A. Janni

Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and disease transmission form animal facilities with gas-phase biofilters

Lee J. Johnston Moving Pork Producers to socially acceptable sow housing: Transition from Gestation Stall to Group-Housing
Srinand Sreevatsan Population Genetic Frameworks of Mycobacterium bovis and Their Correlation with Virulence and Environmental Survival

Senyu Chen

Developing Critical Technology for Managing the Emerging Virulent Populations of the Soybean Cyst Nematode
Marcia Endres Evaluating Utilization of Recycled Manure Solids as Bedding Material for Freestall Dairy Barns in the Upper Midwest
Kevin A. Janni Emissions Mitigation Techniques for Sand-Bedded Dairies
Srinand Sreevatsan Development and Evaluation of a Universal Swine/Avian Influenza Vaccine
James Collins Preparing Minnesota for the Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus in Fish
Francisco Diez-Gonzalez Effect of Feeding Distiller’s Grain on Escherichia coli 0157:H7 Prevalence in Feedlot Cattle
Bill Hutchinson Univoltine European Corn Borer in Southern Minnesota Sweet Corn: Impact, Research and Response to an Expanding Ecotype
Sally Noll Do Feed Ingredients Affect Gut Microbial Pathogens and Thus Indirectly Impact Poultry Health and Meat Safety?
Devi Patnayak The Role of Astrovirus and Other Enteric Viruses in Poult Enteritis Syndrome
Jun Zhu Co-digesting the Wasted Milk from Dairy Operations with Cattle Slurry to Reduce Water Pollution