Food and Agriculture Features and Impacts

Beef cattle.Zheng Xing and his team are evaluating the scope of infection in food animals in Minnesota by a novel zoonotic bunyavirus, Heartland virus (HLV). 

Dr. Jim Collins with a piglet.Jim Collins and his team are working to develop a specific, sensitive, rapid, and high throughput real-time RT-PCR to detect Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) in swine and to map the complete genome of PEVD for global comparisons.

Students looking for soybean aphids.George Heimpel and his team are performing controlled release experiments with soybean aphid Aphelimnus glycinis and exploring how Aphelimnus glycinis interacts with other soybean aphids.

Piglets.Connie Gebhart and her team are aiming to characterize virulence and virulence-related genes in the previously known and novel pathogenic Brachyspira species.

Dr. Jim Collins with a piglet.Jim Collins and his team are working to molecularly characterize the entire genome of swine RVB and RVC strains to determine the diversity within each RV group, and ultimately identify the most common genotypes of these viruses.

Swine housing facility at MorrisU of M researchers at the West Central Research and Outreach Center are exploring the link between sow wellness and group sow housing.  Their management strategies are being used throughout the industry nationwide.  #MNImpacts