Dairy cows in a field.

Food and Agriculture Research

U of M food and agricultural researchers are committed to breeding stronger, more productive varieties to meet the demands of a growing population.

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Crop Breeding

From disease resistance to high yield varieties to crop diversity, U of M researchers are discovering new ways to solve old problems and feed new generations throughout Minnesota and the world.


Research on swine, beef, and dairy cattle management aims to develop best practices and systems for the producer, while protecting the environment and animal welfare.


Agronomic research focuses on management of cropping systems, grazing, nutrient, tillage and other activities related to Minnesota crop production.

Agricultural Business Management research focuses on exploring the economic side of small, medium and large farm operations and how domestic and international policies can affect the agricultural industry.

Metin Çakir and his team conducted first-of-its-kind research on Avian Flu outbreaks in the U.S. that develops a partial equilibrium model of the U.S. meat and poultry industry to simulate the impact of HPAI outbreak on the turkey industry.

In addition to discovering novel forms of bioenergy, research on sustainable energy is providing a better understanding of how we can use renewable energy sources and technologies in ways that are both economically and environmentally friendly.