Tips for azaleas:

  • Spicy Lights azalea.

    'Spicy Lights' is the seventh in a series of azaleas developed to survive northern winters. These introductions are available in a variety of colors, with heights ranging from 4 to 10 feet.

    do best in full sun, will tolerate light shade

  • are sensitive to extreme heat (avoid south side of buildings)
  • have shallow root systems that dry out rapidly
  • benefit from watering, so good drainage is a must
  • require acid soil for best growth
  • benefit from compost, manure, sawdust, or peatmoss before planting
  • should not be planted too deep; roots form in the upper 4 to 6"
  • need fertilizer in spring or early summer
  • need an organic mulch to retain water during dry periods


Tri Lights* 2003 multi-colored flowers
Lemon Lights*     1996 lemon yellow flower
Northern Hi-Lights* 1994 hardy, creamy white with yellow upper petal
Mandarin Hi-Lights* 1992 hardy, orange flowers
Spicy Lights* 1987 salmon flowers
Golden Lights* 1986 greater mildew resistance, golden orange color
Orchid Lights* 1986 orchid flowers, hardy, compact plant
Pink Lights* 1984 hardy, sweetly scented, light pink flowers
Rosy Lights* 1984 deep rosy pink, extremely floriferous
White Lights* 1984 white flower with yellow blotch
Northern Lights* 1978 hardy, pink-flowered strain of azaleas, very fragrant

*=varieties available from retail nurseries, those without are heirloom varieties with limited availability

Pink Lights azalea.
Pink Lights

Lemon Lights azalea.
Lemon Lights

Mandarin Lights azalea.
Mandarine Lights

Spicy Lights azalea.
Spicy Lights

Golden Lights azalea.
Golden Lights

Orchid Lights azalea.
Orchid Lights