100 Year Reading List

Beauty shot of a forest looking up.University of Minnesota researchers—past and present—have authored many books on natural resource topics. This partial list documents areas of expertise in the College of Natural Resources and the evolution of our depth of understanding during the last century. Also notable are the diverse audiences of Minnesota research: tourists, hunters, public land administrators, ecologists, students, international aid agencies, industrialists, children, campers, and farmers. Common to all the projects is the long-term investment that studies of the natural world require. In many of these cases that funding was provided by the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station. When scientists author a major publication, it is often the summary of a decade or an entire career of research. The following books are listed chronologically, by title.

Many of these landmark publications are now only available through libraries. The University's Forestry Library maintains a general collection, and also provides worldwide indexes of publications in four areas: urban forestry; tropical forest conservation and development; trail planning, construction and maintenance; and social sciences in forestry; online at https://www.lib.umn.edu/naturalresources.

Forestry in Minnesota
Samuel Bowdlear Green.
Eagle Printing Co., 1898, 1902.

Principles of American Forestry
Samuel Bowdlear Green.
Wiley & Sons, Chapman & Hall, 1903.

Farm Wind-breaks and Shelter-belts
Samuel Bowdlear Green.
Webb Publishing Co., 1906.

Beauty shot lake at sunset.Scott Burton, Forester
Edward G. Cheyney;
illustrated by Norman Rockwell.
D. Appleton and Company, 1917.
(Children's Book)

The Farm Woodlot: A Handbook of Forestry for the Farmer and the Student in Agriculture
Edward G. Cheyney and J.P. Wentling.
The Macmillan Company, 1926.

This is Our Land: The Story of Conservation in the United States
Edward G. Cheyney.
Webb Publishing Company, 1940, 1947.

American Silvics and Silviculture
Edward G. Cheyney.
University of Minnesota Press, 1942.

Recreational Use of Wild Lands
C. Frank Brockman and Lawrence C. Merriam, Jr.
McGraw-Hill, 1959, 1973, 1979.

Balsam Fir 
Abies Balsamea Egolfs V. Bakuzis and Henry L. Hansen,
with contributions by F. H. Kaufert.
University of Minnesota Press, 1965.

Fire and Ecosystems
Edited by T. T. Kozlowski and C. E. Ahlgren.
Academic Press, 1974.

U.S. Investment in the Forest-based Sector in Latin America
Hans Gregersen and Arnoldo Contreras.
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1975.

The Streams and Rivers of Minnesota
Thomas F. Waters.
University of Minnesota Press, 1977.

Economic Analysis of Forestry Projects
Hans M. Gregersen and Arnoldo H. Contreras.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1979.

Forest Products and Wood Science: An IntroductionStream. John G. Haygreen and Jim L. Bowyer; drawings by Karen Lilley.
Iowa State University Press, 1982,
1989, 1996, 2003.

Lob Trees in the Wilderness
Clifford and Elizabeth Ahlgren.
University of Minnesota Press, 1984.

Managing Northern Forests for Wildlife

Gordon W. Gullion.
The Ruffed Grouse Society, 1984. 
U.S. Wood-based Industry: Industrial Organization and Performance

Paul V. Ellefson and Robert N. Stone.
Praeger, 1984.

Guidelines for Economic Appraisal of Watershed Management Projects

Hans M. Gregersen, et al.
FAO of the United Nations, 1987.

People and Trees: The Role of Social Forestry in Sustainable Development
Edited by Hans Gregersen, Sydney Draper, Dieter Elz.
World Bank, 1987.

The Superior North Shore
Thomas F. Waters, illustrations by Carol Yonker Waters.
University of Minnesota Press, 1987.

The Ruffed Grouse
Gordon W. Gullion, photographs by Tom Martinson.
NorthWord Press, 1989.

Forest Resources Policy: Process, Participants, and Programs
Paul V. Ellefson.
McGraw-Hill, 1992.

Benefits, Environmental Risks, Social Concerns and Policy Implications of Biotechnology in Aquaculture
Anne R. Kapuscinski and Eric M. Hallerman.
National Technical Information Service, 1994.Winter on a lake.

Sediment in Streams: Sources, Biological Effects, and Control
Thomas F. Waters.
American Fisheries Society, 1995.

Water Quality: Management of a Natural Resource
James Perry, Elizabeth Vanderklein.
Blackwell Science, 1996.

Hydrology and the Management of Watersheds

Kenneth N. Brooks, et al.
Iowa State University Press, 1997, 2003.

Lignin and Lignan Biosynthesis
Norman G. Lewis, editor, Simo Sarkanen, editor.
American Chemical Society, 1998. 

Trends in Outdoor Recreation, Leisure and Tourism
Edited by William C. Gartner and David W. Lime.
UK, CABI Pub. 2000.

Forest Dynamics and Disturbance Regimes: Studies from Temperate Evergreen-deciduous Forests

Lee E. Frelich.
Cambridge University Press, 2002.

GIS Fundamentals: A First Text on Geographic Information Systems
Paul Bolstad.
Eider Press, 2002.