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College Lead Investigator Department/Center Project Title Project End Date
CFANS C. Ford Runge Applied Economics Trade, Environment and Agricultural Science and Technology in Global Perspective September 30, 2017
Grain being loaded onto a cargo ship. CFANS C. Ford Runge Applied Economics Trade, Environment and Agricultural Science and Technology in Global Perspective September 30, 2017
Scenic view of Mississippi River. CFANS Gerald McCullough Applied Economics Modeling and Analysis of the Transportation and Logistics Requirements for Marketing Rural America's Products in the Bioenergy and Genetically Modified Organism Age September 30, 2017
Aerial of a farm. CFANS Hikaru Peterson Applied Economics Renewing an Agriculture of the Middle: Value Chain Design, Policy Approaches, Environmental and Social Impacts September 30, 2017
CFANS Jay Coggins Applied Economics Economics of Environmental Policy to Protect Human Health September 30, 2017
Laura Kalambokidis in front of the Saint Paul Capital. CFANS Laura Kalambokidis Applied Economics Community Health and Resilience September 30, 2017
Rice being sold in Madagascar. CFANS Marc Bellemare Applied Economics Smallholder Participation in Agricultural Value Chains: Evidence from Madagascar September 30, 2017
Three sizes of coffee cups. CFANS Metin Çakir Applied Economics The Impacts of Package Size on Food Consumption and Retail Price Inflation September 30, 2017
Minnesota farm. CFANS Robert Craven Applied Economics Expanding Farm Financial Database Collaboration and Research August 31, 2017
Vegetables being sold at a farmer's market. CFANS Robert King Applied Economics Sustainable Food Systems September 30, 2017
Drone in flight. CFANS Terrance Hurley Applied Economics Profitability and Adoption of New Technology and Implications for Agricultural Policy September 30, 2017
Researcher working in lab. CFANS Alan Smith Horticultural Science Molecular Analysis of Floral Gene Expression September 30, 2017
Brian Horgan on a green. CFANS Brian Horgan Horticultural Science Sustainable Turfgrass Systems June 30, 2017
Apple harvest with workers. CFANS Cindy Tong Horticultural Science Improving Quality and Reducing Losses in Specialty Fruit Crops through Storage Technologies September 30, 2018
Tour of an apple orchard. CFANS Emily Hoover Horticultural Science Improving Economic and Environmental Sustainability in Tree-Fruit Production Through Changes in Rootstock Use September 30, 2017
Turfgrass closeup, Arctic Green. CFANS Eric Watkins Horticultural Science Germplasm Improvement of Low-Input Fine Fescues in Response to Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors August 31, 2017
Research in Jerry Cohen's lab. CFANS Jerry Cohen Horticultural Science Regulation of Auxin Response and Metabolism June 30, 2018
Mary Rogers and student measuring plants. CFANS Mary Rogers Horticultural Science The Effects of the High Tunnel Environment on Quality and Production of Organic Horticultural Crops June 30, 2018
Winery in Wisconsin. CFANS Matthew Clark Horticultural Science Multi-State Evaluation of Winegrape Cultivars and Clones September 30, 2017
Stan Hokanson and Steve McNamara greenhouse research on alder. CFANS Stan Hokanson Horticultural Science Breeding, Evaluation, and Selection of Hardy Woody Landscape Plants September 30, 2018
Potato varieties in a field. CFANS Thomas Michaels Horticultural Science Development of Potato Cultivars with Enhanced Quality, and Resistance to Biotic and Abiotic Stress in Minnesota September 30, 2017
Partch Woods Scientific and Natural Area, Stearns County, Minnesota. CFANS Alan Ek Forest Resources Development of Structure and Function Norms for Lake States’ Forests February 7, 2017
Recently harvested logs at Cloquet Forestry Center. CFANS Charlie Blinn Forest Resources Assessment of Options to Maintain and Expand the Capacity of Minnesota's Wood Industry September 30, 2018
Poplar trees being grown as part of a biomass project. CFANS Dennis Becker Forest Resources Evaluation Forest Policies and Institutional Arrangements that Facilitate Forest-Based Bioenergy Expansion December 31, 2016
Man enjoying the view while canoeing in MN. CFANS Ingrid Schneider Forest Resources Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Other Green Environments: Understanding Human and Community Benefits and Mechanisms September 30, 2017
Urban garden in Twin Cities. CFANS Kristen Nelson Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, Forest Resources Behavior, Decision Making, and Anticipatory Governance for Urban Ecosystem Sustainability in the Complex Human and Natural Systems in Minnesota September 30, 2018
CFANS Paul Bolstad Forest Resources Quantifying Forest Water Cycles from Leaves to Landscapes: Emerging Geospatial Measurement and Modeling Methods in Hydrology September 30, 2017
Buckthorn suppression research. CFANS Peter Reich Forest Resources From Leaf to Ecosystem to Continent: Scaling Forest Function September 30, 2017
Thomas Burk with students at Cloquet Forestry Center. CFANS Thomas Burk Forest Resources Application of Modern Statistical Computing to Forest Resource Monitoring Problems September 30, 2017
Craig Sheaffer at Rosemount ROC. CFANS Craig Sheaffer Agronomy and Plant Genetics Principles for Transitioning to Organic Farming: e-Learning Materials and Decision Case Studies for Educators August 31, 2017
Intermediate wheatgrass in test field. CFANS Jacob Jungers Agronomy and Plant Genetics Quantifying the Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Potential of a Potential Perennial Grain Crop; Intermediate Wheatgrass March 14, 2018
Cover crop planted between rows of corn. CFANS M. Scott Wells Agronomy and Plant Genetics Filling the Void: A Cropping System Approach to Increased Productivity in Forage and Annual Row Crop Systems June 30, 2017
Kentucky bluegrass production field. CFANS Nancy Ehlke Agronomy and Plant Genetics Alternative Forage and Turfgrass Breeding, Genetics and Seed Production June 30, 2017
Cover crop. CFANS Nicholas Jordan Agronomy and Plant Genetics Precision Zonal Management Systems for Resilient Cereal Fields and Ecosystem Services Under Variable Climates March 31, 2017
Alternative, bio-energy crops. CFANS Nicholas Jordan Agronomy and Plant Genetics Managing Biodiverse Agroecosystems: Ecological and Social Dimensions June 30, 2018
CFANS Roger Becker Agronomy and Plant Genetics Weed Management in Disturbed and Undisturbed Systems June 30, 2018
Carl Rosen researching raspberries in a high tunnel. CFANS Carl Rosen Soil, Water, and Climate Optimizing Nutrient Management for Specialty Crop Production September 30, 2017
Experimental field looking at soil quality and chemical runoff. CFANS Kyungsoo Yoo Soil, Water, and Climate Geomorphic and Physical Control of Soil Chemical Weathering and Carbon Storage in Natural and Agricultural Landscapes September 30, 2016
Atmosphere from outer space. CFANS Timothy Griffis Soil, Water, and Climate The Monitoring and Analysis of Climate June 30, 2018
Anup Kollanoor Johny with turkeys. CFANS Anup Kollanoor Johny Animal Science Preharvest Food Safety: Determining the Potential of Salmonella Serotype Heidelberg to Systemically Contaminate Meat After Oral Challenge of Broiler Chickens September 30, 2018
Equine at Leatherdale Equine Center. CFANS Krishona Martinson Animal Science Optimizing Equine Forage Utilization and Health September 30, 2017
Abdennour Abbas in lab with rapid testing technology. CFANS Abdennour Abbas Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering Nanotechnology Solutions for Food Engineering, Safety, Health and Environment September 30, 2018
CFANS Gary Sands Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering Investigating Drainage Design and Management Alternatives for Meeting both Env. and Agro. Objectives September 30, 2017
Biochar research. CFANS Jason Hill Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering Full Cost Accounting of Ecosystem Services from Biomass Production Landscapes in the Midwest U.S. November 30, 2016
Wood-decaying fungi. CFANS Jonathan Schilling Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering Linking Structure with Function Among Plant-Decomposing Fungi March 31, 2018
Roger Ruan biofuel experiment. CFANS Roger Ruan Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering The Science and Engineering for a Biobased Industry and Economy September 30, 2018
CFANS Simo Sarkanen Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering Cogent Design of Lignin-Based Plastics November 30, 2016
Illustration of earth covered with sustainable products. CFANS Sridharan Ramaswamy Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering Bioprocess and Bioproducts Engineering for Sustainable Biorefineries June 30, 2017
Paper recycling research. CFANS Steve Severtson Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering Development and Characterization of Renewable Polymers for Adhesive and Coating Materials June 30, 2017
CFANS Timothy Smith Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering Regional Bioenergy Policy Effectiveness: Compatibility, Innovation, and Coordination across the Supply Chain December 14, 2016
Robert Blanchette, Ulrike Tschirner and Jonathan Schilling in lab. CFANS Ulrike Tschirner Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering Environmentally Friendly Pulping, Bleaching, and Biomass Conversion Processes June 30, 2017
CFANS David Andow Entomology Revealing Complex Predatory Trophic Interactions: Development of a Marker-Free Method for Prey Identification February 14, 2018
CFANS Karen Mesce Entomology Elucidating the Multiple Functions of Arthropod Ecdysis-Related Neuropeptides in the European Medicinal Leech Species Hirudo Medicinalis and H. Verbana (Linnaeus) September 30, 2017
A sample of insects, collected in Costa Rica. CFANS Ralph Holzenthal Entomology Insect Museum Support and Entomological Systematics September 30, 2017
Bed bugs. CFANS Stephen Kells Entomology Strategies to Exploit and Disrupt Dispersal Behavior of Structure Invading Pests June 30, 2018
CFANS Susan Weller Entomology Sytematics of Lepidoptera (Particularily Noctuoidea) and Other Arthropods January 31, 2017
Monarch butterfly on flower. CFANS Karen Oberhauser Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Monarch Butterfly Conservation April 3, 2017
Urban garden in Twin Cities. CFANS Kristen Nelson Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, Forest Resources Behavior, Decision Making, and Anticipatory Governance for Urban Ecosystem Sustainability in the Complex Human and Natural Systems in Minnesota September 30, 2018
CFANS Raymond Newman Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Trophic and Community Interactions in Freshwater Systems and Their Significance to Invasive Plant Control September 30, 2017
Sedges in wetland plots at the University of MInnesota Landscape Arboretum. CFANS Susan Galatowitsch Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Ecological Restoration of Great Plains Ecosystems Experiencing Multiple Stressors September 30, 2017
CFANS A. Saari Csallany Food Science and Nutrition Studies on Free Radical-Induced Degradation of Lipids, Edible Fats and Their Protection in Food and In Vivo September 30, 2018
CFANS Carrie Earthman Food Science and Nutrition Body Composition, Energy Expenditure, and Nutritional Status Across the Clinical Spectrum: From Obesity to Wasting September 30, 2017
2d abstract illustration of human body. CFANS Chi Chen Food Science and Nutrition LC-MS-Based Metabolomic Investigation of Nutritional Events and Metabolic Disorders Induced by Diet and Chemical Exposure September 30, 2018
Research in Dan O'Sullivan's lab. CFANS Daniel O'Sullivan Food Science and Nutrition Elucidating Gene Regulation Mechanisms in Bifidobacteria and Engineering Lactococcus lactis to Produce Novel Proteins September 30, 2018
Bacterial culture growth on MacConkey agar. CFANS David Baumler Food Science and Nutrition Enhancing Microbial Food Safety by Risk Analysis July 16, 2018
Viles of "flavor" related to research on controlled release in foods. CFANS Gary Reineccius Food Science and Nutrition Improved Food Flavorings Through Controlled Release September 30, 2017
Child eating at kitchen table. CFANS Marla Reicks Food Science and Nutrition Using In-Home Behavioral Economic Strategies and Enhanced Food Preparation Skills to Increase Vegetable Intake and Variety Among Children June 30, 2018
Boy gazing at glass of soda. CFANS Marla Reicks Food Science and Nutrition Identification of Factors Predicting Consumption of Selected Dietary Constituents September 30, 2017
Cup of green tea and tea leaves. CFANS Mindy Kurzer Food Science and Nutrition Prevention of Breast Cancer by a Green Tea Extract September 30, 2017
Xiaoli Chen in her lab. CFANS Xiaoli Chen Food Science and Nutrition Modulation of Adipose Tissue Remodeling (Angiogenesis) by High Fat Diet September 30, 2018
Brown marmorated stinkbug. CFANS Christopher Philips Research and Outreach Centers Novel Approaches to Improve Pest Suppression and Pollinator Conservation in Minnesota Specialty Crops June 30, 2018
CFANS Jeffrey Peterson Administration/Other Addressing Agricultural Impacts On Water Quality June 30, 2018
Parents learning how to use a mobile device from adult son. CEHD Jodi Dworkin Family Social Science Exploring Predictors and Potential Consequences of Parents’ of Adolescents and College Students Online Behavior September 30, 2017
Young couple moving to new home. CEHD Joyce Serido Family Social Science Overcoming Risk and Promoting Financial Capability Among Adolescents and Emerging Adults September 30, 2018
Last will and testament. CEHD Marlene Stum Family Social Science Families and Inheritance: The Meaning and Experience of Interpersonal Social Justice September 30, 2017
Hands holding empty wallet. CEHD Marlene Stum Family Social Science Elder Financial Exploitation: Impact on Families September 30, 2017
Mother yelling at teen son. CEHD Martha Rueter Family Social Science Understanding Communication in Families with Children Who Are Not Genetically Related to Their Parents September 30, 2017
Couple considering divorce. CEHD Steven Harris Family Social Science Marital Reconciliation and Divorce Decision-Making September 30, 2017
Heart shaped bowl filled with heart healthy foods. CEHD Tai Mendenhall Family Social Science Creating Partnerships with American Indians against Diabetes: Advancing an Innovative Community-based Approach September 30, 2018
File folders for scholarships, grants, loans. CEHD Virginia Zuiker Family Social Science Exploring How Young Adults Learn to Manage Their Finances and the Role of Racial and Ethnic Differences September 30, 2018
Journal open to a full page. CEHD Amy Krentzman School of Social Work Development and Pilot Testing of “Positive Peer Journaling” a Relapse-Prevention Intervention for Individuals in Early Recovery from Substance Use Disorders who Live in Rural Minnesota June 30, 2018
Family on a picnic. Wheelchair in foreground. CEHD Elizabeth Lightfoot School of Social Work People with Disabilities in the Child Welfare System June 30, 2017
Mental health care sketch diagram. CEHD Hee Lee School of Social Work Understanding the Influence of Parental Health Literacy and Mental Health Service Utilization on Children’s Depressive Symptoms Among Asian American Immigrant Families June 30, 2018
CEHD Joseph Merighi School of Social Work Psychosocial and Mental Health Needs of Minnesotans in Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs June 30, 2017
Child crying in corner. CEHD Lynette Renner School of Social Work Siblings of Children Who Have Been Maltreated: An Examination of Developmental Outcomes and Child Welfare Practice September 30, 2017
Diverse group of women speaking at a conference. CEHD Mark Umbreit School of Social Work Restorative Justice and Islam: Building Bridges of Understanding September 30, 2017
Patient talking to a therapist or doctor. CEHD Patricia Shannon School of Social Work Evaluating Mental Health Screening and Referral Processes for Minnesota’s Arriving Refugee Populations September 30, 2018
House in the middle of a corn field. CDes Ann Ziebarth Design, Housing and Apparel The Great Recession, Its Aftermath, and Patterns of Rural and Small Town Demographic Change September 30, 2017
Apartment complex. CDes Becky Yust Design, Housing and Apparel Sustainable and Affordable Multifamily Housing June 30, 2016
Made in USA jeans. CDes Elizabeth Bye Design, Housing and Apparel Investigating Strategies to Support Minnesota Consumers’ Needs for Sustainable and Health-Related Apparel Products Made in the USA June 30, 2018
Damaged home in foreclosure. CDes Jeff Crump Design, Housing and Apparel After the Great Recession: Addressing Housing Needs in Minnesota June 30, 2018
Retail window display. CDes Juanjuan Wu Design, Housing and Apparel Modularizing the Co-Design Process of 3D Virtual Stores: Exploring An Action Research Approach September 30, 2018
Wooden Hand from the Wearable Technology Lab. CDes Lucy Dunne Design, Housing and Apparel Personal Protective Technologies for Current and Emerging Occupational and Environmental Hazards September 30, 2017
Active knits fabric. CDes Lucy Dunne Design, Housing and Apparel Next-Generation PPE: Toward Improved Thermal Comfort and Augmented Awareness Through Wearable Technologies June 30, 2018
Coins and newspaper headlines about housing crisis. CDes Marilyn Bruin Design, Housing and Apparel Housing Security: Measurement and Application to Decision Making September 30, 2017
Field research on pennycress. CBS David Marks Plant and Microbial Biology Advancing Field Pennycress as a New Oilseed Biodiesel Feedstock that Does Not Require New Land Commitments August 31, 2018
CBS Yaniv Brandvain Plant and Microbial Biology Hybrid Zones and the Prospects of Admixture Mapping in Wild-Relatives for Development of a Cold-Hardy, Perennial Sunflower September 30, 2018
Lab tech adding sample to a mass spec machine. CBS Timothy Griffin Administration/Other Use of NMR Spectroscopy in Agricultural Research June 30, 2018
Liquid being dropped into a test tube. CBS Timothy Griffin Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics Mass Spectrometry Core Facility Operation June 30, 2017
Turkeys. CVM Randall Singer Veterinary Biomedical Sciences Predicting Antibiotic Resistance in the Poultry Production System June 30, 2016