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A database listing active research projects.

Research Project Archive

College Lead Investigator Department/Center Project Title Project End Date
CFANS Gerald McCullough Applied Economics Modeling and Analysis of the Transportation and Logistics Requirements for Marketing Rural America's Products in the Bioenergy and Genetically Modified Organism Age September 30, 2017
CFANS Hikaru Peterson Applied Economics Renewing an Agriculture of the Middle: Value Chain Design, Policy Approaches, Environmental and Social Impacts September 30, 2017
CFANS Laura Kalambokidis Applied Economics Community Health and Resilience September 30, 2017
CFANS Marc Bellemare Applied Economics Smallholder Participation in Agricultural Value Chains: Evidence from Madagascar September 30, 2017
CFANS Robert Craven Applied Economics Expanding Farm Financial Database Collaboration and Research August 31, 2017
CFANS Robert King Applied Economics Sustainable Food Systems September 30, 2017
CFANS Terrance Hurley Applied Economics Profitability and Adoption of New Technology and Implications for Agricultural Policy September 30, 2017
CFANS Peter Reich Forest Resources From Leaf to Ecosystem to Continent: Scaling Forest Function September 30, 2017
CFANS Craig Sheaffer Agronomy and Plant Genetics Principles for Transitioning to Organic Farming: e-Learning Materials and Decision Case Studies for Educators August 31, 2017
CFANS Jacob Jungers Agronomy and Plant Genetics Quantifying the Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Potential of a Potential Perennial Grain Crop; Intermediate Wheatgrass March 14, 2018
CFANS M. Scott Wells Agronomy and Plant Genetics Filling the Void: A Cropping System Approach to Increased Productivity in Forage and Annual Row Crop Systems June 30, 2017
CFANS Nicholas Jordan Agronomy and Plant Genetics Precision Zonal Management Systems for Resilient Cereal Fields and Ecosystem Services Under Variable Climates March 31, 2017
CFANS Nicholas Jordan Agronomy and Plant Genetics Managing Biodiverse Agroecosystems: Ecological and Social Dimensions June 30, 2018
CFANS Kyungsoo Yoo Soil, Water, and Climate Geomorphic and Physical Control of Soil Chemical Weathering and Carbon Storage in Natural and Agricultural Landscapes September 30, 2016
CFANS Timothy Griffis Soil, Water, and Climate The Monitoring and Analysis of Climate June 30, 2018
CFANS Krishona Martinson Animal Science Optimizing Equine Forage Utilization and Health September 30, 2017
CFANS Stephen Kells Entomology Strategies to Exploit and Disrupt Dispersal Behavior of Structure Invading Pests June 30, 2018
CFANS Susan Galatowitsch Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Ecological Restoration of Great Plains Ecosystems Experiencing Multiple Stressors September 30, 2017
CEHD Jodi Dworkin Family Social Science Exploring Predictors and Potential Consequences of Parents’ of Adolescents and College Students Online Behavior September 30, 2017
CEHD Joyce Serido Family Social Science Overcoming Risk and Promoting Financial Capability Among Adolescents and Emerging Adults September 30, 2018
CEHD Marlene Stum Family Social Science Families and Inheritance: The Meaning and Experience of Interpersonal Social Justice September 30, 2017
CEHD Marlene Stum Family Social Science Elder Financial Exploitation: Impact on Families September 30, 2017
CEHD Martha Rueter Family Social Science Understanding Communication in Families with Children Who Are Not Genetically Related to Their Parents September 30, 2017
CEHD Steven Harris Family Social Science Marital Reconciliation and Divorce Decision-Making September 30, 2017
CEHD Amy Krentzman School of Social Work Development and Pilot Testing of “Positive Peer Journaling” a Relapse-Prevention Intervention for Individuals in Early Recovery from Substance Use Disorders who Live in Rural Minnesota June 30, 2018
CEHD Elizabeth Lightfoot School of Social Work People with Disabilities in the Child Welfare System June 30, 2017
CEHD Lynette Renner School of Social Work Siblings of Children Who Have Been Maltreated: An Examination of Developmental Outcomes and Child Welfare Practice September 30, 2017
CDes Becky Yust Design, Housing, and Apparel Sustainable and Affordable Multifamily Housing June 30, 2016
CDes Elizabeth Bye Design, Housing, and Apparel Investigating Strategies to Support Minnesota Consumers’ Needs for Sustainable and Health-Related Apparel Products Made in the USA June 30, 2018
CDes Jeff Crump Design, Housing, and Apparel After the Great Recession: Addressing Housing Needs in Minnesota June 30, 2018
CDes Lucy Dunne Design, Housing, and Apparel Next-Generation PPE: Toward Improved Thermal Comfort and Augmented Awareness Through Wearable Technologies June 30, 2018
CDes Marilyn Bruin Design, Housing, and Apparel Housing Security: Measurement and Application to Decision Making September 30, 2017
CVM Troy Trumble Veterinary Population Medicine Use of biomarkers in the synovial fluid of the tibiotarsal joint to determine the severity of osteoarthritis in the distal intertarsal and tarsometatarsal joints of horses June 30, 2017