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A database listing active research projects.

Research Project Archive

College Lead Investigator Department/Center Project Title Project End Date
CFANS Gerald McCullough Applied Economics Modeling and Analysis of the Transportation and Logistics Requirements for Marketing Rural America's Products in the Bioenergy and Genetically Modified Organism Age September 30, 2017
CFANS Hikaru Peterson Applied Economics Renewing an Agriculture of the Middle: Value Chain Design, Policy Approaches, Environmental and Social Impacts September 30, 2017
CFANS Laura Kalambokidis Applied Economics Community Health and Resilience September 30, 2017
CFANS Marc Bellemare Applied Economics Smallholder Participation in Agricultural Value Chains: Evidence from Madagascar September 30, 2017
CFANS Robert Craven Applied Economics Expanding Farm Financial Database Collaboration and Research August 31, 2017
CFANS Robert King Applied Economics Sustainable Food Systems September 30, 2017
CFANS Terrance Hurley Applied Economics Profitability and Adoption of New Technology and Implications for Agricultural Policy September 30, 2017
CFANS Alan Smith Horticultural Science Molecular Analysis of Floral Gene Expression September 30, 2017
CFANS Brian Horgan Horticultural Science Sustainable Turfgrass Systems June 30, 2017
CFANS Cindy Tong Horticultural Science Improving Quality and Reducing Losses in Specialty Fruit Crops through Storage Technologies September 30, 2018
CFANS Emily Hoover Horticultural Science Improving Economic and Environmental Sustainability in Tree-Fruit Production Through Changes in Rootstock Use September 30, 2017
CFANS Eric Watkins Horticultural Science Germplasm Improvement of Low-Input Fine Fescues in Response to Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors August 31, 2017
CFANS Jerry Cohen Horticultural Science Regulation of Auxin Response and Metabolism June 30, 2018
CFANS Mary Rogers Horticultural Science The Effects of the High Tunnel Environment on Quality and Production of Organic Horticultural Crops June 30, 2018
CFANS Matthew Clark Horticultural Science Multi-State Evaluation of Winegrape Cultivars and Clones September 30, 2017
CFANS Stan Hokanson Horticultural Science Breeding, Evaluation, and Selection of Hardy Woody Landscape Plants September 30, 2018
CFANS Thomas Michaels Horticultural Science Development of Potato Cultivars with Enhanced Quality, and Resistance to Biotic and Abiotic Stress in Minnesota September 30, 2017
CFANS Charlie Blinn Forest Resources Assessment of Options to Maintain and Expand the Capacity of Minnesota's Wood Industry September 30, 2018
CFANS Ingrid Schneider Forest Resources Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Other Green Environments: Understanding Human and Community Benefits and Mechanisms September 30, 2017
CFANS Kristen Nelson Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, Forest Resources Behavior, Decision Making, and Anticipatory Governance for Urban Ecosystem Sustainability in the Complex Human and Natural Systems in Minnesota September 30, 2018
CFANS Peter Reich Forest Resources From Leaf to Ecosystem to Continent: Scaling Forest Function September 30, 2017
CFANS Thomas Burk Forest Resources Application of Modern Statistical Computing to Forest Resource Monitoring Problems September 30, 2017