Researcher at Ug99 wheat stem rust screening nursery in Kenya.

MN Impact: The Minnesota Youth Institute Highlights Global Hunger Issues

October 22, 2018


University of Minnesota Extension Specialists and researchers will take part in events that inspire future generations to action around STEM education and solving the world's largest challenges (Reported as the number of students attending event).


By 2050 the world's population will grow to 9 billion requiring a 70 percent increase in food production. A key component of solving how to feed more people with less land is tied to inspiring future generations to take on the challenge of becoming hunger fighters.

What has been done

The Minnesota Youth Institute (MNYI) is a life-changing experience at the University of Minnesota where high school students are encouraged to think critically about local and global hunger issues. During the one-day event, the students engage with local leaders, experts, and industries on critical global challenges, participate in hands-on STEM activities and explore exciting ways to make a difference in Minnesota and around the world.


Seven Extension specialists and MAES supported researchers participated as experts at the MNYI on May 15, 2017. In total, 150 students and their teachers representing 12 schools participated. Of them, nine were chosen to take part in the Global Youth Institute in Des Moines, Iowa and one won a paid internship to work on rice breeding in India for 8 weeks. Additionally, three MN students are being interviewed for the international paid internships in 2018.

By connecting with high school students, our experts are able to inspire future generations around STEM and encourage them to think critically about how we (and they) can help solve critical challenges and make a difference in the world.