MAES Research Funding and Reporting

The Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station manages federal capacity grants by distributing funding and providing administrative support.  In addition, MAES oversees fund distribution and administration for key state funded programs including the Rapid Agricultural Response Fund and the Small Grains Initiative.

Federal Research Programs


Hatch is a nationally supported program with funds from USDA-NIFA. These agricultural funds are provided to Experiment Stations in each state to support basic infrastructure and scientific expertise. MAES researchers contribute to research projects in accordance with the Hatch Act.

Hatch Multi-State

Hatch Multi-State grants provide agricultural funds for cooperative research using multidisciplinary approaches to solve problems that concern more than one state.

Animal Health

Animal Health grants support research that relates specifically to diseases of agricultural animals.


McIntire-Stennis formula funds support forestry research programs.

State Research Programs

Rapid Agricultural Response Fund

State funds that are granted to agricultural and natural resources research initiatives needing special emphasis or rapid response.

Small Grains Initiative

State funds used to support and sustain Minnesota's wheat and barley industry.

Agriculture State Special

State funds provided to MAES and Extension to use in support of research and programs throughout the various colleges.

Research Funding and Guidelines

USDA research funding provides grants per calendar year. If you are interested in finding funding for a current project please visit the NIFA grant site to find information on what grants are currently available and how you can apply for them.

If you require information in regard to how and what you can spend federal funds on please visit the multi-state travel reimbursement and cost guidelines for federal appropriations pages.

Research Reporting

Federal Reporting

All research sponsored or conducted by the USDA-NIFA is required to be documented in REEport (Research, Education, and Extension Project Online Reporting Tool), NIFA's reporting portal (formerly CRIS). REEport is an automated system for storing and retrieving information on current research and extension projects in agriculture, natural resources, family & consumer sciences/human sciences, veterinary medicine and other related disciplines.

There are four types of reports that are needed throughout a project's life cycle:

  1. Project Initiation Reports - Required for new Hatch, Hatch Multistate, Animal Health, McIntire-Stennis, and NIFA awards.
  2. Progress Reports - Required annually to provide updated information of project status and results. Progress Reports are due to MAES in January of each year but individual departments may have their own deadlines.
  3. Final Termination Report - Required for research projects that are not continuing to a new calendar year. In a projects final year this takes the place of the annual progress report.
  4. Annual Financial Report - Completed by MAES accountants and department heads.

Questions regarding REEport reporting can be directed to Ruth Sanborn.

Questions regarding the Annual Financial Report can be directed to Valerie Linhoff.