Guiding Principles for Assigning Classroom Space

  1. The overarching principle for assigning teaching space in support of the core mission of teaching and learning, is priority for using the PGF classrooms will be given first to courses which require instructional space, either lectures and/or laboratories, that need access to greenhouse plant materials, and if the room(s) meet the course requirements for room quality, size, and location.
  2. Priority use of the PGF classrooms (103, 104, 132, 136, 140A, 140B and 172) will be given to the College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences and the College of Biological Sciences.
  3. Classroom assignments will be prioritized based on course needs including proximity to plant materials in the greenhouse; specialized equipment located in specific classrooms such as microscopes, laminar flow hoods; and class size.
  4. Efforts will be made to maximize utilization of the space for greenhouse and plant based laboratory sections. Priority will be given to laboratory sections over lectures. Scheduling of courses should allow for sufficient time for set up and take down of laboratories on a daily basis to facilitate better use of the PGF teaching classrooms. Laboratories need to be cleaned up each day with no more than three hours allowed for set up and take down. 
  5. No department has exclusive use of classrooms in the PGF. However, priority scheduling of classrooms will be based on equipment and other special educational needs associated with specific rooms in the PGF. 
  6. The facilities are managed by MAES employees who will work with the appropriate Departmental personnel to schedule courses in the PGF on a semester basis.
  7. To insure priority scheduling of the PGF classrooms for the plant science departments, there will be a two step scheduling procedure. Concurrently, departmental personnel responsible for scheduling classes should utilize the PGF calendars to schedule classrooms AND concurrently send the Plant Growth Facilities Classroom Space Request Form to the Plant Growth Facility Manager(s). Class schedulers should separately reserve space for the actual class time from the set up and take down time. If the desired PGF classroom is not available, class schedulers are encouraged to book the requested classroom space and the conflict(s) will be resolved informally by the PGF manager(s) based on classroom/laboratory needs. If the conflict cannot be informally resolved, the dispute will be handled by the Conflict Resolution subcommittee of the Greenhouse Management and Oversight Committee (Item 8). Concurrently, requests for teaching greenhouse space should be made to assure access to greenhouse space using the Greenhouse Space Request Form.  Requests should be received by January 31 for Fall semester courses and September 15 for Spring semester courses. 
  8. Issues related to allocation of PGF classroom space that cannot be resolved by the managers and instructors will be forwarded to the Conflict Resolution subcommittee of the Greenhouse Management and Oversight Committee consisting of a two member panel consisting of faculty and/or staff from each college that utilizes the Plant Growth Facilities. If not resolved at this level, the issue will be forwarded to the Chair of the Greenhouse Management and Oversight Committee and the appropriate collegiate dean for a final decision.
  9. Requests for PGF classroom space for educational activities outside of traditional courses, i.e. extension programs, workshops, etc. should be made to the Plant Growth Facilities manager(s) in a timely manner. These educational activities will be accommodated when possible.
  10. Requests for weekend access for students to the PGF should be made to the greenhouse manager(s) by the course instructor(s). The request should include the Course Designator, Number and Title; students’ names requiring access; the University of Minnesota student ID number; and the University of Minnesota Identification card number starting with 600 from the front of each student’s card.  Access will be authorized for only the semester in which the student is enrolled in the class.


Protocol for Classroom Use:

Each instructor is required at the end of each course session:

  1. Erase the blackboard(s)
  2. Turn off the technology and raise the screen
  3. Clean the classroom tables and sweep the floors if needed
  4. Secure appropriate equipment and materials to prevent theft
  5. Turn off the lights
  6. Lock the door(s)