Operating Procedures and Field Plot Request Form

There are approximately 160 acres of land available on the St. Paul campus for plant research. This land is divided into 93 individual plots, ranging from 1/2 acre to 5 acres. As the University continues to grow, there is increasing pressure on the land. At the same time, more plot requests are coming in because researchers see the value of having their plots so easily accessible. Therefore, it is essential that there are strong, equitable guiding principles regarding the use of this important resource.

Guiding Principles

  1. Agricultural Experiment Station land on the St. Paul campus is strictly for University research faculty and students.
  2. The land is managed by the Ag Services Department of the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station. Ultimate decisions on land use reside with the director of the Experiment Station in collaboration with deans of affected colleges.
  3. Assignment of all space is the responsibility of MAES director of operations (Andrew Scobbie). Space will be allocated on a yearly basis, unless negotiated at the time of the request.
  4. All users will pay plot fees.
  5. Priority will be given to researchers who have students (undergraduate or graduate) that need to have frequent access to plots to collect data.
  6. All requests for built structures must be submitted to MAES director of operations. Built structures on the St. Paul campus land are discouraged.
  7. All research projects will need a management plan on file in the Ag Services Department, which includes a project completion date and, if appropriate, a negotiated plan to restore the land to its original condition after completion of the project.
  8. Issues that cannot be resolved by the research project and the director of operations will be forwarded to the appropriate department head(s) and deputy director of MAES. If not resolved at this level, the issue will be forwarded to the director of the Experiment Station and the appropriate college dean(s) for a final decision.

Procedures for Requesting Field Plots

  1. Faculty and staff wanting to conduct field research on the St. Paul campus must complete a field plot request form.
  2. The research request form will be automatically submitted directly to Andrew Scobbie, who will schedule a time to meet and discuss the details of the request, including the total cost of the research.
  3. Once in agreement on the details and cost of the research, both the researcher and Tom will sign a research agreement form. No research will be conducted until the form is signed.