Archived Projects

Links and descriptions for completed research projects (dates back to projects completed in 2017). 

Dairy cow in a milking parlor in Stearns County.
Robotic milking parlor on a dairy farm in Stearns County.
Steers on a farm.
Beef cattle eating.
Cultured muscle cells.
Piglets feed on partial DDGS diet.
Pigs eating DDGS.
Turkey research, flock at Rosemount Research and Outreach Center, U of MN.
Student working a lab.
Grazing dairy cows at West Central ROC in Morris.
1995 photo of holstein dairy cattle.
Yutzi Li with piglets and sows at WCROC.
Locally grown lettuce in an urban garden.
Research of manure treatment processes and potential use for bioenergy.
Brett Barney studies energy from algae, and composting of agricultural residues and animal and food wastes.
Manure storage lagoon for swine waste at Waseca ROC.
Dairy cows in a circular automatic milking system.
Alternative swine barn design in Morris, MN.
Wet soy bean field after late, wet spring and rainy early summer.
Research on potatoes grown in soil with biochar added.
Nanotechnology, electric.
Ping Wang in his lab.
Dr. Ruan in lab.
Timber harvest in Cloquet Forestry Center.
Engineering process.
Paper recycling research.
Chicken eggs in hatchery.
Life-cycle assessment graphic.
Paper mill on Mississippi River at Sartell, Minnesota.
Lignin-based biomass energy,