Archived Projects

Links and descriptions for completed research projects (dates back to projects completed in 2017). 

Floral breeding, making crosses in St. Paul campus greenhouse.
Dark Bronze Daisy Mum.
Purple azalea growing in a garden.
One red and one white potato.
Legumes growing on a farm.
Studying potato diseases at the Sandplain ROC in Becker, MN.
Closeup sunflower.
Barley rust resistance from wild sources research on St Paul Campus.
Diseased soybean plant.
Linda Kinkel collecting soil samples in the field.
Linda Kinkel collecting soil samples in the field.
Linda Kinkel in the field.
UG99 wheat stem rust screening nursery, and farms near it, Njoro, Kenya.
Oat field infected by crown rust seem from the top.
Root system of peanut plant.
Lab sample from elm tree infected with DED.
Ruth Dill-Macky in the field.
Aspen and other species logged in MN.
Skiers on Lone Rock trail at UMore Park.
Aerial view of strip cropping in Fillmore County.
Lake surrounded by forest.
LiDAR image of Minneapolis.
Forest in Kilen Woods State park, Jackson County, Minnesota.
Soybeans growing on a farm.
Cover crops growing in corn field.
Candy Hirsch in a corn field.
Alfalfa growing in field.
Craig Sheaffer at Rosemount ROC.
Silphium flowering in a garden.
Biomass cropping system.