Archived Projects

Links and descriptions for completed research projects (dates back to projects completed in 2017). 

Man writing information on a white board.
Nett Lake, Boise Fort Indian Reservation.
Art supplies in classroom.
Train at sunrise.
Aerial of a farm.
Aerial of a farm near a road.
Farm near a road.
Farmer in Malawi.
Geoengineering featuring airplane trails across a blue sky.
Wind turbines near Pipestone, MN on Buffalo Ridge.
Donated food.
Laura Kalambokidis in front of the Saint Paul Capital.
Stem rust research in Kenya, Africa.
Farm in Thailand.
Dairy cows.
Desk full of items related to intellectual property.
Classroom in Africa.
Farm growing corn.
Minnesota farm.
Minnesota farm growing soybeans.
Aerial view of a Minnesota farm.
Aerial view of the solar panels at Morris ROC.
Monarch butterfly on flower.
Drone in flight.
Aerial of farm.
Adrian Hegeman with native goldenrod.