Archived Projects

Links and descriptions for completed research projects from 2017 and later. 

Man writing information on a white board.
Art supplies in classroom.
Aerial of a farm.
Aerial of a farm near a road.
Farm near a road.
Dairy cows.
Classroom in Africa.
Farm growing corn.
Minnesota farm.
Minnesota farm growing soybeans.
Aerial view of a Minnesota farm.
Drone in flight.
Aerial of farm.
Researcher in the Hemlock Ravine Scientific and Natural Area.
Forest ecology, near Finland, MN.
Forest in Kilen Woods State park, Jackson County, Minnesota.
Wheat field SE of Crookston.
Craig Sheaffer at Rosemount ROC.
Biomass cropping system.
Aerial of a farm.
Stem Education.
Alternative, bio-energy crops.
Aerial of farm.
Soil mixed with ice and snow in a MN field.
Experimental field looking at soil quality and chemical runoff.
River in MN.
Atmosphere from outer space.
Corn growing in a field in Rosemount, MN.
Ice and snow on farm in Redwood County, MN.
Stormy clouds.
Tracy Twine in a corn field.
Cattle in a field.
Dairy cows on farm.
Horse riders going through a corn field.
Beef cattle eating.
Piglets with mother.
Drone in flight.
Sedges in wetland plots at the University of MInnesota Landscape Arboretum.
Dairy cows.
Gathering a soil sample.
Senyu Chen in a soybean field.
Military family at home.
Child meditating.
Father and daughter in field.
Unhappy same-sex couple.
Family on mobile devices.
Art supplies in classroom.
Native American student studying.