Greenhouse Service Charges

Service charges are assessed based on the square footage of bench space used. All 46,092 sq.ft. of St. Paul campus greenhouse bench space is considered to be equal for purposes of assessing charges.

Rates will increase annually to keep pace with operating costs.

Rates (2014-15)

  • Research = $.77/sq. ft bench/month
  • Teaching = $.77/sq. ft bench/month



  • Supplies including but not limited to soil or other growing media, fertilizers, containers, and labels
  • Equipment and repairs not covered by Facilities Management
  • Salaries for 50% of an IPM coordinator, one full time greenhouse assistant, student, and contracted labor

Not included:

  • Seeds and plants



  • Pest control, environmental control, supply inventory and delivery, equipment, maintenance, lighting, weekend and holiday watering, consultation, space programming, training, and tours

Not included:

  • Daily watering, potting, or transplanting