Guiding Principles for Greenhouse Space Assignments

  1. The Plant Growth Greenhouses are strictly for the use of University research faculty and students.
  2. The facilities are managed by Roger Meissner ( and Pam Warnke ( Assignment of all space is their responsibility. Space will be allocated on a yearly basis, unless negotiated at the time of the request.
  3. The main principle guiding use of the greenhouses is that all faculty who do plant growth research shall have access to greenhouse research space.
  4. As demand for greenhouse space continues to grow, issues related to allocation of space that cannot be resolved by the managers and researchers will be forwarded to the appropriate department head(s) and the deputy director of the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station. If not resolved at this level, the issue will be forwarded to the director of the Experiment Station and the appropriate college dean(s) for a final decision.
  5. Policies for use of greenhouse facilities are reviewed by a St. Paul campus Research Facilities Advisory Board, which is made up of department heads and Plant Growth Facilities managers and meets annually.