Greenhouse Management and Operating Procedures

Space Assignment Procedures

  • The procedure for requesting space begins with filling out a space request form available on this website.
  • There will be no permanent assignment of space; however, space once allotted can be renewed.
  • The location for research on pathogens and insects that can create compatibility issues must be agreed upon by managers and researchers before space is assigned.
  • Unused or unneeded space reverts back to the PGF for reassignment.

Operating Rules/Sanitation

  • Project leaders are responsible for seeing that their workers clean all areas in which they work. Equipment will be provided.
  • Plant debris and soil should be kept off the floors of the PGF by the user. The greenhouse staff is not responsible for cleaning space.
  • At the end of experimentation, all plant material, soil, and containers should be removed from the greenhouse section, and benches and floor swept.
  • A cleaning fee will be assessed if the PGF staff has to clean up the space before reassignment can take place.

Operating Rules/ Environmental Controls

  • Controls will be set by the managers or greenhouse staff.
  • Control precedent will be granted to the research project occupying the space first. When one or more projects are in one greenhouse, controls will be determined by mutual agreement. Managers will take this into consideration when assigning space.

Services and Supplies

PGF managers will provide:

  • general potting mixes
  • selection of pots and trays
  • labels and stakes
  • fertilizers and pesticides
  • hoses, water breakers, etc.
  • wheel barrels and carts for soil and plant disposal
  • scouting and pest control management


  • For pest and disease control, see manager before bringing in plant materials from other areas.
  • Any modification of the PGF will not be allowed without permission from the managers.
  • Equipment provided for general use shall be returned clean and in good repair.
  • Only plant material should be in the growing areas.
  • No personal plants are allowed in the PGF greenhouses.