Pest Management

  1. Plant Growth Facilities staff routinely monitor greenhouses for pests and perform control methods, which include pesticide application.
  2. Any precautions related to monitoring or pest control must be specified in space request form.
  3. All projects are notified 24 hours in advance of pesticide applications. This includes: posting at greenhouse main entry and/or an email.
  4. PGF staff perform most of pesticide applications.
  5. Users must vacate greenhouse facility during pesticide applications. Warning signs are posted.
  6. Greenhouse zones where pesticides are applied are closed for the restricted entry interval. Posted warning signs will note restricted entry interval times.
  7. Minimum of 30 days of pesticide application records are kept at designated central location for greenhouse and records are maintained for seven years.
  8. Material Safety Data Sheets and chemical inventory are located at central location.

For more information contact Pam Warnke.