Field Plot Requests and Fees

St. Paul Research Plot Guide

Any field research done on the St. Paul Campus needs to be approved by Tom Warnke or Mike McClellan. Space at St. Paul is only available to official State, Federal or special grant research projects that have been approved by a University of Minnesota department or the USDA. Requests for field space must be requested by completing the online field plot request form.

Project Expectations

Each project is responsible for planting their plots. If Ag Services is needed to plant the plot, it needs to be included on the field space request form. Also, all projects must leave a border around the outside of their plot for weed control purposes.

Weed control in the research plot area is the responsibility of the project. Weed control around the edge will be taken care of by Mike McClellan or Ag Services personnel. Also, if the research project wants Ag Services to spray their plots they should contact Tom Warnke.